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Welcome to Virtual Flight Center

Experience the thrill of flying with Virtual Flight Center! Our VR flight simulator offers an action-packed, realistic and fun experience for anyone aged 15 and up that will have you participating in dogfights in no time! Come explore the skies with us and experience the excitement of flying. Easily reserve your unforgettable experience online.

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Your Mission

Prepare for an exciting dogfight! Step into an F18 virtual cockpit and take part in an intense battle to complete your mission. Play alone or together with other players in a team. You outsmart the enemy and eliminate him! Send your plane into the sky for an adventurous journey you will never forget.

Our Product

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with our unique combination of flying and skill challenges. Our 2 motion simulators and 2 static simulators provide a realistic experience that will put your communication and situational awareness skills to the test. Whether you're flying solo or with a team, Our Product offers the ultimate entertainment experience.

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