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Our Mission

Very simple. Make as many people as possible happy and enthusiastic about aviation! And how could that be otherwise than with a lot of action? No long IFR flights, but straight into a fierce air battle. And to make it even more fun you can do this together. Each flies their own simulator to hit as many enemy aircraft as possible. Are you ready for this cool experience?


Our VR Flight Simulators

In the construction of the simulator, the player's experience is paramount. The simulator is, as it were, built around the player. And it worked. A frequently heard cry is "This is more realistic than I thought" and "This is intensive!". And if you then say that you would have to do the same on a roller coaster, then the penny drops that flying a fighter jet can be a tough job. And that's apart from all the radio traffic, managing your formation and always knowing what's happening around you and on the ground.

Leuk Realistisch Competitief

To get as many people as possible enthusiastic about aviation, our motto is: "VFC is fun, realistic and competitive". It's especially fun because you quickly feel like you can do this. Our coaches estimates your starting level and will set the difficulty level accordingly. So you are guaranteed to hit targets!

As soon as you put on the VR headset and have the controls in your hands, a new world opens up. You see on a very realistic basis what a real fighter pilot sees from his cockpit. Time for action!

Now you can finally unleash your TOP GUN skills. Do you have what it takes to hit more targets than your opponent?



Dave Luchtmacht Periode

Hi, my name is Dave and I am the founder of Virtual Flight Center. I have over 3000 flight hours as a loadmaster on the Chinook helicopter. I worked my way up as instructor, examiner and flight chief. Trained many crews and wrote a lot of training scenario's. A fantastic, unforgettable and beautiful experience.


During a flight simulator fair I saw how much interest there is in virtual flying. From desktop simulator to complete F16 cockpits. Nothing was too crazy. And the level was serious and unprecedentedly high. ​


I started working with existing products and my knowledge. First of all I want to see if I can build a simulator that really creates the feeling of flying. Secondly, to reduce complexity without sacrificing reality, allowing me to reach more people. Above all, it should be fun, realistic and competitive.

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