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It Is Your Session

Your mission is to take out as many targets as quickly as possible. This means that after each disabled target, a new target is activated. However, this one is more challenging than the previous one. Will you manage to get into the top 3?



You start in the air. At 6000ft and 4NM north of the airport, the first enemy target is coming straight towards you. Do you flee or do you take action? Use the coastline to determine your position and the airport as the center of the dogfight arena. Good luck!

Flight Controls

The F18 fighter plane revolves around 3 imaginary axes. Rolling about the longitudinal axis, pitching about the transverse axis and yawing about the top axis. Partly thanks to the flight computer, the F18 is relatively easy to fly. This gives you more brain power to fight the battle.


Engine Power

Use your throttle to control engine power. Simply put, if you are going to climb, you have to give more power. If you go down, you give less power. If you are descending very quickly or want to slow down faster, use your air brake. The best maneuvering speed is between 250 and 400 kts. Cruising speed is 350 kts.

Turns and G-forces

In an air battle you will fly tight turns or pull high G-forces. You do this by pulling the flight stick firmly backwards. The advantage of making tight turns is that you may be able to turn faster than your target and thus the battle will be in your favor. The disadvantage of making tight turns is that the G-forces increase and the aircraft becomes "heavier". If you want to maintain the maneuvering speed, between 250 and 400kts, you have to add power. More G-forces means more power. So keep an eye on your airspeed regularly.

Flight Information

Now that you know how to fly a plane, where do you get your flight information? First, look outside. Know what is happening around you. Where are you flying? Am I flying high, low, straight or in a curve? But most importantly, where is the enemy! Then you look at your HUD (Head Up Display). This is a glass on the dashboard in which you can read speed, direction, altitude and flight path. You also use the HUD to take out your target with "guns". See video below.

Basic Flight Information

Watch this video (2:30mins) as it explains some basic features of flying with a F18 fighter jet.


It's your slot time and your flight. You ultimately decide how you want to fly. Before you fly your mission, the coach wants to know if you have any questions. Then we are curious if you prepared and whether you have a certain strategy. Then you take a seat in the simulator and the coach briefly explains which buttons you can use during your mission. Then the coach helps you with the VR headset and the digital world comes to life. If you fly together, you can communicate with each other via your headphones. Now it's time for action! Show in 40 minutes what you have to offer and whether what you have prepared actually happens. Start slowly because it can be quite intense. After 40 minutes of flying we do a video debrief. Here you see a reflection of your communication skills and situational awareness.  A slot time is max 90 minutes.

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